Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We are very talented girls today!

My accomplishment for the day: making "Baby Legs" Woot!

Here they are on my sweet girl (before I hemmed the bottom)

She enjoys eating them, too!

And Josie's accomplishment for the day: sleeping on her tummy! She knows how to roll in both directions, but lately she had forgotten how to get from tummy to back. But, today...she remembered! Now instead of crying when she rolls to her tummy while in bed,
she...drumroll, please...SLEEPS! Big Woot!


Megan and Company said...

Ahem. Someone has branched out from BGOS!

WHAT is the fashionable lady wearing? That diaper is too cute!!

How is the "CD" going, anyway?

Shelly said...


and yay for cute diy baby legs--you ROCK--they look awesome-o!

Sarah said...

Megan - not sure exactly what it is! haha! I bought from a mama on craigslist. I think it's some random WAHM. It's a pocket with brown PUL and pink fleece inner. I love the looks of it, but the fleece tends to wick out. I also bought a swaddlebees pocket that is GREAT for night, and another WAHM AI0. The AIO doesn't seem to be the comfiest, but it's cute. I also made some microfiber inserts with towels from Walmart, and some two-sided flannel wipes. I'm gonna see if I can sell them! Okay, apparently I like talking cloth, too.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Michelle!