Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby it's cold outside (and other random items)

  • I think my house might fall over at any moment from all the crazy wind
  • I HATE baking store bought cookie dough. For some reason it never works for me!
  • I wish the cookie fairy would visit my house and drop some goodies for me
  • Josie amazes me everyday - she crawls (still mostly army style), pulls herself up to stand, laughs, giggles, and makes me happy
  • Josie loves to chew on power cords and dirty shoelaces. Should I be worried?
  • I (Mike and I, actually. But mostly me!) got a fabulous new camera from the NY gparents for Christmas! yay
  • I think I've turned into a once-a-month-blogger! Who has time for WRITING blogs when it's all spent on READING blogs??
  • I'm a cloth diaper drop-out
  • I'm done my Christmas shopping, but still have to make a few felt food items, and wrap presents
  • This is the cutest thing ever: On second thought, it WOULD be the cutest thing ever if Josie were wearing it!

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