Friday, March 6, 2009


I was just reading a post on an online forum I belong to. The original post was a question from a lady who wasn't sure if it was tacky or not to ask people to bring their own lawn chair to her son's birthday party. One response included a link to the acronymfinder website. {There's a website for everything!} So, I clicked the link and was amazed at how many acronyms there are out there. No wonder everyone is confused when you say something like BYOB on your invitation. You could mean Bring Your Own Beer (my first thought, I'll admit), but you could also mean Bring Your Own Booger. Because I wouldn't want you bringing someone else's booger to my party! Heaven forbid! It's also comforting to know that you can also request someone bring their own body. Again, do you really want them leaving it at home???

I'm in the process of planning Josie's first birthday party. Huh?! Seriously?! An entire year has already (almost) passed?! So, if you happen to get an invitation in the mail (when I finally get my rear in gear and GET invitations), please remember to BYOB!

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