Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Consign Me

We went to a consignment sale in Philly today. Holy. Moly. It was awesome! (well, not as awesome as I was kind of hoping for - most clothes were too expensive for 2nd hand, in my opinion). But they had a TON of other fun stuff. I tell you, if I was just getting ready to have my first baby, it would have been heaven on earth - strollers and swings and bassinets oh my.

Here's what I pillaged for my Josie Love (all for the low low price of just $14)

Please keep in mind that I did not follow a single one of Mer's Official Rules of Photography, and I used full auto everything on my camera, at the worst time of day with no 2/3 stuff or anything else that smart savvy photographer sorts would have used (ahem, "hi, Merry! Please don't judge me!") ;) Everything is so much cuter and pink and girly in person. They just happened to all look kinda on the orange side here. *sigh*

yep. Gap. 50cents. (and they're actually pink)

and again. Gap. 50cents.

can you say Trumpette socks - 5 for $5?!

Keen sandals. Retail price? $40. Price I paid? $4.

Carter's super cute pink bootshoethings (the picture doesn't do their pink cuteness justice). Retail price? I have no clue, but surely over $20. Right? I paid - 4 little buckeroos.

And can I just add that everything is in AWESOME shape? As in the socks were NEVER used. The shoes - maybe once or twice!


Meredith said...

Nice work Sarah! Love those shoes!

No judgment here! :) I too, believe it or not, sometimes take pictures just for the sake of documentation, not art.

BluSkies80 said...

Awesome finds! Have you ever been to the Red, White, and Blue thrift store? It's awesome there! Love the tights, way too cute!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Mer! I know you must take "documentation" photos, but they just happen to be awesome all the time!! You're just that good!! =) I'm gonna "feature" you in a post soon. I just keep forgetting to do it! (gotta drum up business for my totally awesomely talented friend!)

Thanks, Amy! No, I haven't been to that one, but my mom and sister have. They've also said it's great. I'll have to get down there one of these days.