Thursday, August 27, 2009

She's one amazing kid

Would you believe Josie just asked for this?! She walked right in here and said, "Mother, do you know what I would really appreciate having?" (she's a genius)

And I, of course (like the good mother that I am) dropped everything I was doing to say, "What would you really like, My Darling?"

She proceeded to tell me all about this amazingly adorable little playhouse. She asked if we could march right on down to Target to get it (since it is on clearance and all), but I needed to finish up the pot roast, knead the bread, and pull the fresh apple pie out of the oven.

But I did let her know that her style is impeccable. Take a look for yourself. I bet it will be on YOUR Christmas list in NO TIME!

Please scroll all the way down for all the delicious goodness that is the Rose Petal Cottage. I swear (except that I don't: ode to MckMama) this is something I would have begged and begged and begged for when I was a wee little girl. And, finally, my mom would have given in and said, "FINE! want it. I understand. Now, go to your room and decide how much I could sell you for on Craigslist." Except that there was no Craigslist back then, but I'm pretty sure you get the picture.


Megan and Company said...

I've been eyeing that for Leah. TOO cute.

Here, this will be a good deterrent:

"Includes 2 fabric cottage covers, 38 poles, 28 connector pieces, 6-pc. stove and instructions"

38 poles? 28 connector pieces? Sounds like a LOT of fun for the parents!

Sarah said...

I know. It does sound a little crazy, but the thing has gotten rave reviews on every site I've seen it. Can't be too bad. Besides, what are daddies for if not to put toys together?! ;)