Friday, November 13, 2009

Is it wrong?

...that Josie has been in her crib for 3.5 hours when I know for certain that she only slept for 3? I mean she's happy and all. Hanging out. Talking. Laughing. Kicking her mattress. Exclaiming such things as "a-doy-doy-doy-doy." But she IS awake. Should I feel guilty that she's still in there? 'Cuz I don't.

Just wondering.


Shelly said...

hey girl--no guilt necessary =) amelie used to LOVE playing in her crib after nap--she'd stay in there a good 45 min/1 hour--i'd just wait to get her until she asked for me or sounded sad. crib joy is a good thing.

Megan and Company said...

Um, no, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that!

glitterbygrammie said...

Sometimes moms need that little extra time. no reason to feel guilty or bad. She is happy, if she was crying then yah she should be taken out. I enjoyed reading your blog today.

Sheri said...

I did that all the time, kids need their alone time too! Love the new blog look.