Monday, October 15, 2007

With Arms Wide Open

I have just been basking in the dream of being pregnant lately. It's easy to forget the miracle that it is when you're sick and tired and everything else that goes along with pregnancy. But, now that I'm feeling half-decent, I've been just enjoying every moment even more.

The day we found out we were pregnant was such a great day! We knew we'd be getting a call from the nurse at some point in the afternoon or evening. Mike was at work and then had a job interview at 3pm. I switched my days at work so I'd have off that day to get the blood work done and wait for the call. I figured it would be tough waiting anxiously for the results at work! We decided that we wanted to find out at the same time, so I turned the phones on silent, turned the volume down on the answering machine and WAITED and PRAYED! Mike came home around 3:30 and then we WAITED and PRAYED together! I was so glad that the call hadn't come before he got home. When the call came, I picked up the phone and put it on speaker. She said, "Sarah, you're pregnant!" I was shocked! Mike immediately said, "Hallelujah!" and the nursed laughed! It was amazing!!! I started crying and then laughing and crying more and hugging Mike and crying more!

Well, my parents were away on vacation (I almost went with them, but I'm sooo glad I didn't - although lobster would have been nice!) We had told them that they had to wait until they got home for the news since we wanted to tell them in person. Mike's parents were going to be coming down for a visit about 10 days later, and we told them we'd tell them either way in person as well. So, Debby knew not to ask and that I wasn't going to tell her either way until after we'd told our parents. After we hung up with the nurse, Mike said to me, "let's go tell your sister!" I couldn't believe it because he had wanted to wait, but I didn't argue since I was just so excited to share our news! We got in the car, and Mike turned on his ipod. He started playing a song that I had never heard before (I must have lived under a rock all my life to not have heard it, but maybe I had heard it and it just didn't mean anything to me before.) Anyway, it was the most beautiful song and just really fit how we were feeling! So, I cried even more on the way to Deb's house. (He had planned for MONTHS to play this song for me the day we found out, and that just made it so much sweeter!)

The song had just finished when we pulled up at her house and I was a mess! Debby opened the front door and thought that since I was crying soo much that we weren't pregnant. I gave her a big hug, and said in her ear, "I'm pregnant!" She couldn't believe it! It was such a great moment.

Here's a link to the song for those who haven't heard it before, or for those who want to cry hearing it again! (it's by Creed) Enjoy (and get a tissue before it starts)!

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