Thursday, April 3, 2008

So blessed!

I can't believe how blessed I am!

28 isn't REAL old to get married, but it seems to be heading that direction in Christian circles. That's how old I was. Of course before Mike came along, I thought I was ancient, and would have white hair to match my white dress if it EVER happened! I also remember praying and praying and praying that God would send me a husband someday. Not just any husband - one that loved Him and would love me. It's been 1 year and almost 9 months since the day we got married, and I am still in awe of God's love and provision for me in my husband! He is the perfect companion for me in every way. We never fight or even disagree . . . okay, I might be going a little overboard there. But, marriage is so special in that disagreeing and arguing NEVER (should!) signal an end. We work things out, move on, learn more about each other in the process, and grow together. God is doing amazing things in my heart and life because of Mike.

To top it all off (I know - as if there could be more!), I always wanted to be a mommy. I'm that little girl that played endlessly with dolls, and dreamed of having children of my own one day. Of course when I thought I'd never get married, I kind of pushed the children thought out of my mind as well (call it self-preservation, I guess!) But, it was always still there. I LOVE babies and kids, and God gave me the desire to have my own from day one of my life!! Next Saturday (April 12th), our first little blessing is due to arrive. How can I even express how thrilled I am about this?! As I sit here typing this, I'm in tears thinking about how I am soo unable to comprehend a God who loves ME enough to give me so many wonderful blessings!

Dear God, please help me not to be the mommy I have always wanted to be, but the mommy YOU have always wanted me to be! Help me to treasure the blessings You've given me, and to teach them that YOU are the Giver of many blessings. Let them love You and serve You and desire You more than anything else in this world!

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ginny said...

absolutely precious.