Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Agree

I agree with everything in Sarah's post. I too thought that marriage was almost impossible at my age. Twenty-eight is pretty old, you know. I knew it wasn't impossible, because God can do anything He wants, but it seemed improbable at the time.
I was stuck in college at the time, and there was no "romance" on the home front. My brother had just passed away and I wasn't looking for love. I thought I had too much on my mind. Then my sister gave me the e-mail address of one of her friends. I thought, "I might as well e-mail her and let her know I'm not interested in anything." So... that's what I did. It's funny how God takes heartless, sarcastic e-mails and makes friendships out of them. That is how I met Sarah.
Then came the phone calls. Ahh... what a time of... uh... long-distance relationships? Not the best time in my life. But thanks to Verizon, everything turned out alright. We got engaged (in person, thankfully), and almost a year after that, we were married.
Now, we're expecting our first child (in one week)! I can't wait! We are so blessed! Even though things are tough at times, God has and always will make a way.

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ginny said...

sweet! so glad i found this ... loved seeing the photo of your precious little one -- soon to be out in the "air".
praying for you and Sarah.
and we can't wait to hear the news - your parents are going to love being grandparents!!!