Friday, April 4, 2008

Burned Finger

Well, last night after I posted, Sarah burnt her finger making breakfast. I know I said breakfast and last night in the same sentence. We had breakfast for dinner. Anyway, it was a pretty bad burn. Lots of ice. We even went to sleep with a bag of ice in the bed. That was a chilling revelation (pun intended)! But this morning, it was all better! It's amazing! Last night she said it was the worst burn she ever had, and today it's all better! I wish that could happen to me. But I'm not complaining. In order for that to happen to me, I first need to get burned.
Today we spent some time with our nephews, Sammy and Caleb. They're pretty cute kids! Very well behaved! Here's a picture of them.
Cute kids, huh? I think so. I should post tomorrow, but if not, I'm sure Sarah will.

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