Monday, April 7, 2008

Impending Doom...I mean, Birth

Well, we saw my doctor today and got the good news! She's LETTING me be induced this week! I say "letting" because she was more hesitant that I was. In truth, Mike had her in a headlock while I sucker-punched her until she gave in. It was worth the bruises, right Doc?

We don't OFFICIALLY have a date yet (she has to call the hospital and make sure the can fit me in...which sounds so funny when you know how BIG I am! I hope they have large doorways and even larger beds to fit me into!) But, hopefully it will work out that we'll go in Wednesday evening (around 4 or 5 she said - which means about 3:45 to me!)

Be expecting an update soon! And I'll be expecting your prayers that this little bugger responds well and comes safely!

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