Thursday, May 22, 2008

This one's for you, Deb

My sister, Debby, is constantly giving me grief about not updating my blog. Does she not remember what it's like to be a new mommy?!

So, Deb, here I am updating my blog...

Life for the Barnharts has changed a lot since I last wrote! Josie is a little sweetie. She is six weeks old today (Happy "Birthday," Baby Girl!) and such a joy. I know that sounds cheesy, but she really does bring such happiness to us! She has started still my heart! She loves looking straight into my eyes and listening to me talk to her. I tell her that she melts me! It's an amazing thing to see my baby girl respond to me! Her eyes light up, and her mouth opens real wide showing her tongue and dimple! I can't wait to be able to catch it on camera.

Josie is sleeping well too (I'm a lucky mommy!) For the past few nights she has been sleeping about 7 hours at a time! And if that isn't enough, she goes right back to sleep for another 3-4 hours! Have I mentioned that she is the best baby ever?!

Mike is working...A LOT! We're very proud of him. He started working for the post office. He's a rural carrier associate (yes, rural in New Jersey!) He is learning one route for now (the hardest one) and then will learn as many more as he can so he can work more hours. He is also working part time at WalMart in the photo lab. Not his favorite thing, but it brings in some money. He's a good man!

One thing Debby said I have to blog about is my first Mother's Day. Here it is: We really enjoyed my first Mother's Day/Mike's 30th birthday. It was cool for us to celebrate both on the same day. We went to church in the morning. They always have a "prize" for the mother with the most kids, the newest mother, etc. Usually the "prize" is a pat on the back! This year, it was a $25 Visa gift card. I was the newest mother...nice! After church we went to The Pop Shop in Collingswood. It is a really cool soda fountain/diner place. It was featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay on the Food Network! It's a really fun family place. Then, that evening Mike cooked dinner. He found a recipe in a magazine a few months ago, and decided he wanted to cook for my mom and I so we didn't have to cook on Mother's Day! He did a great job! After dinner, we had carrot cake for Mike's birthday. It was a fun day all around.


Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

thank you! ;)
you're a good mommy! and josie is most definetely a keeper!!!! =)

Karen Barnhart said...

awww...thanks for sharing! ;)
it was fun reading!
love to you all~