Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fruits of our labor

Today was such a great day! My mom, Debby, Sammy, Caleb, Josie, and I went fruit picking. First, we stopped at the strawberry farm, and spent some time there. Caleb wasn't the happiest of campers since we were rudely interrupting his morning nap. Josie, however, was fabulous! I carried her in the sling for a while, but that made some things difficult to do . . . namely bending and picking the strawberries we drove down there for! So, mom took Mr. Cranky and The Cherry Beauty to sit under a tree while Debby and I continued picking, and Sammy picked, er, ate what we picked!

Then we drove over to the cherry patch/farm/grove/land/field (I'm most definitely NOT a farmer!) and descended upon the most beautiful cherry trees! I remember MANY days of picking strawberries in my lifetime, but somehow have either never gone cherry picking or just can't remember ever going. It was fabulous! Of course the beautiful weather helped, but the shade of the trees was perfect. We literally picked off of ONE tree, and didn't even come close to picking them all. It was so great to park the strollers under the tree, walk in close to the "trunk" and look up to see huge bunches of the most beautiful cherries!

Of course, it was also fabulous that my beautiful baby (aka The Cherry Beauty) was wearing a cherry outfit and had a cherry hat (her cherry sunglasses were in the car!) She's such a fashionista! You can see from these pictures that picking cherries really wore her out. What can I say? She's a hard-working girl!

Sammy had a great time picking, er, I mean eating cherries just as much as strawberries, and Mr. Cranky wasn't quite as cranky by cherry time. Maybe he realized just how awesome and fun it was to be surrounded by yummy-ness!

We came home hot, tired, hungry, and slightly berry-stained, but it was a great day! Hmmm . . . I guess now I need to bake some pies and fashion a berry nice scrapbook page of the day!

Here are some pictures:

My wacko sister perched in the tree to get the best berries!


soo beautiful!

this wasn't posed at all! ;)

He's happy now!

It's exhausting getting pushed around in a stroller all day!

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BluSkies80 said...

hi sarah-looks like lots of fun. it's amy from the park=) we always love going to pick apples in the fall but we should try berry picking sometime!