Sunday, June 29, 2008

She laughs!

My sister used to tell me that when your baby smiles for the first time that it changes your life. She was right, of course. I teared up when Josie smiled. She still makes me feel all mushy inside when she smiles 6 weeks later! But, Deb never told me that it would change my life when she started laughing . . . oh my word! It was awesome. She started laughing this morning and I was so glad my mom was there to grab the camera!! I thought it would be like her first smiles - few and far between until one day she just didn't stop. Nope, she started out with an awesome giggle, and kept going for a few minutes. Of course, then she was hungry, and cried. Oh well. I can't wait for her nap to be over and see if she'll laugh again. In the meantime, enjoy my baby girl!


BluSkies80 said...

how precious! gotta love their firsts!

Shelly said...

there is nothing better than baby love =) love your blog look--tres chic!