Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hi. My name is Sarah and I'm a Food Network-a-holic

I am currently (like RIGHT NOW!) watching a new show on the Food Network. It's this new chick named Sunny Anderson. Apparently there aren't enough shows already on this channel, so they keep adding new ones. What's more is this girl has TWO new shows - doesn't anybody have to prove themselves anymore before getting TWO awesome jobs?!?! Where's my show?

So, my new friend Sunny (she says stuff like, "I'm not mad at that at all" to her food - that makes me laugh!) is making Party Popcorn. Could there be anything wrong with popcorn with butter, toffee, honey roasted peanuts and drizzled chocolate? I submit that there cannot.

Here's the link to the recipe in case anyone wants to mix up a batch and leave it on my doorstep . . . If the Spirit so leads you to show kindness and compassion on me. Just sayin'.

(Pictures of our fun blueberry picking day to come!)

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Lys said...

That is a recipe I'm definitely gonna try...