Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sarah loves...(in no particular order)...

  • when Josie says "sahee Mama" (sorry Mama) when she a)bangs her head b)knocks something over c)I bang my head d)I knock something over e)anytime at all
  • when Josie says "ah you too Mama". especially when I haven't said "I love you" first
  • when Josie says "Mama holdoo?" (hold you) or even better: "Mama hold doo up?"
  • when Josie says "one, two, fi, sik" (that's five and six, in case you weren't sure).
  • when Josie says "one, two, hahaha" (ala The Count)
  • when I come home from work and Josie RUNS up to me with the best smile and saying "Maaaaama!" in this little dreamy way as if I've been gone for months!
  • when her husband works the early shift and gets home by 4pm and even better yet when he has 5 days off in a row, followed by 2 days of work and then 4 more days off!
  • when I say lots of Josie stuff and then trick you with a husband one. I'm so sneaky like that.


Mike said...

I love all those things too!

Edie Mindell said...

I love your lists.:-) It's a precious and wondrous feeling having to arrive home from work and then your kids run to you to hug and kiss you. Ahhh, truly love that feeling.:-)